About Us

Arba Wine has achieved great international recognition in a relatively short period of time since its establishment. We have received high awards at the most prestigious international competitions and has become a truly national brand of Kazakhstan.

Arba Wine has achieved such high recognition due to its extremely sensitive attitude to viticulture, using the unique climatic advantages of the terroir and applying both traditional and modern approaches to winemaking


The Assa Valley grape zone is unique. Cold winters, hot dry summers, mild autumn and harsh continental climate make our wines unique in taste and aroma.


Exceptional naturalness

Assa Valley wines are surprisingly pure in their naturalness. By virtue of the unique climate, we practically do not treat our vineyards against diseases. And the soil is so complex and rich that it does not require fertilization.


Arba Wine vineyards are located at the foot of high mountains covered with glaciers at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. And it provides a very rich spectrum of sunlight. From the high plateau of Assy, cool air flows create a large difference between duirnal and night temperatures. The mountain water of the Turgen River is extremely rich in minerals. It is also the source of macro-microelements for our vineyards.


The root

Arba Wine has preserved the heritage of Soviet vineyards. It is the vines that grow on their own roots planted in 1975-1982. Which give us grapes of outstanding quality, rich in all components.

Antique cultivation method

At the vineyards of Arba Wine we use the ancient bush method of cultivating vines, which grow directly from the root. To keep the vines from extreme cold (-40 C) during winter time we fold each vine (2 ml units) on the ground so that they can be covered with snow.


Manual labor

Following the principles of high, natural viticulture and winemaking, all the main operations with vines and harvesting in the vineyards of Arba Wine are carried out by the hands of our workers. Indeed we manually weed the bushes to avoid damaging the vines.